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CJ!! you are my culinary hero my friend. Sweat breads, rabbit and a triple as a night cap....we need to go out my friend.


hi cj! wtf was that first post about? SPAM!

anyways, great post!

i still remember your post on laurel - you had the rabbit 3 ways. your pictures prompted us to go there for valentine's in 07. we tried the rabbit along witha few other dishes. very good stuff.

now laurel is CU. seems like a very lively place! the rabbit pasta sounds pretty good. as for the sweetbreads, i've never had them before and yes, its' because i'm squeamish about what they are. but what the hell, life is too short to be too cautious about eating good food, so i'm willing to give it a go one day.

sounds like you scored with the challenge and got a "tasty beverage" out of it! nice.

Captain Jack

Hi Michael,
You are too kind. I will happily go back to CU with you, it was an excellent experience.

Thank you cc,
I know that the glandular thing freaks out some people. If you are willing to give them a try, CU is the perfect place for you. These sweetbreads are very diner friendly, and not at all slippery, like some versions I have had. It was a "tasty beverage" indeed, you ever the edgy, pop culture maven.

Little Miss Contrary

Another great review, per usual :) I went there with a group of friends for Restaurant Week--we really enjoyed CU, and their extensive and very reasonably priced wine list!

Captain Jack

Hey LMC,
Thank you for the kind words. Glad to hear you enjoyed CU during restaurant week.


hi CJ
it's me again.just want to let you know that i went here tonite w/a group of friends (for a bday) and it was fantastic! we had the family size short rib papardelle (and a bunch of other stuff ---i'll have to post tonite's visit eventually)....that was a huuuuge portion and we were 5 people! no sweetbreads though.

Captain Jack

Hi cc,
It is great to hear you enjoyed your experience at CU. I was impressed by the family size portion as well. Come on CC, you need to step up to the plate with those sweetbreads :) CU is a fine addition to San Diego's cadre of restaurants.


hey CJ, i plan to go to CU again with bert.

we'll try those sweetbreads! my co-workers weren't too adventurous.

plus, bert liked the look of my italian soda bottle - the chinotta flavor. kind of like sarsparilla (tasted like a combo of rootbeer and dr. pepper) - the bottle had a buxom brunette pinup girl (vargas style). ha ha.

Captain Jack

Hey cc,
wow that Italian bevy sounds tasty. As for Alberto Vargas, my dad got me a subscription to playboy when I was 10 (few things could make a ten year old boy happier (well, my Honda CT 70 mini-bike was up there)). I have fond memories of his artwork. Go team cc and SWEETBREADS!


Hi CC,

Love the blog! Have you tried the short rib pappardelle or the frito misto? Those are winners. I think the next visit may have to include the sweet breads. Yum.


OH SNAPS! The Captain is back! Better not leave us hanging again, man. The wait for new posts was too painful.

Thanks for adding another restaurant to my now insanely long SD to-dine list. I swear, most places on the list are recs from you and Charlie.

Orlando Seafood Restaurant

The food looks awesome here and you made it sound even better. I will definitely have to check out this restaurant.

hollywood bistro

Pesto fever! Green meals is always a perfect dinner.

restaurants Destin FL

The food seems delectable on first look, and it looks like a cool place to bring my friends to for dinner with beer. There are times that I scout for good places to eat before even thinking about bringing my friends in, to make sure that they'll have a good time there.

-Danny Riddell


This used to be my Friday night hang out spot! Nice!!


Thank you for sharing. Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Have a good time.


Hey Captain,

Very glad to have found your site. I'm moving to Pacific Beach for the summer and have been making lists of all the places in San Diego I want to visit/review. Cucina Urbana was already at the top, but your review may have bumped it up a few spots. I'm living with a good friend of mine who is a USC grad as well, perhaps we'll run in to each other on the boardwalk. Looking forward to more reviews.


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