March 20, 2010



Wow... you're alive!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Thanks for stopping bye :)


OMG!! you are alive CJ!! Man you need to post more. Love your stuff as much as I love me some good wings.

Captain Jack

Hi Michael,
thanks for the props. The wings at Bub's really are good.


hi cj - wow, a new post!!! yay!!! nice to see you back in action!

those wings look so good! did you clean them out that night? :)

Captain Jack

Hey cc,
Thanks for the support. I did my best to make a dent in Bub's wing supply that night, lol ;)

Kobe Beef Tenderloin

Oh my god that spicy BBQ is an absolute relish..


Looks like a feast of wings!

Captain Jack

Hey Kobe,
Yes, the Spicy BBQ is very good.

Hi Liz,
It was a feast of wings indeed! Thanks for stopping by :)


New to San Diego and been looking for a good place to find good hot wings. I tried this place tonight based on the delicious looking photos in your post ;-) Have to say, quite possibly the best wings I've ever had... super juicy, big, no processed crap, grilled with zingy, tasty sauce. And, priced well, 20 huge wings plus a big basket of fries for $20. Enough for 2 hungry people + 5 left over wings for a nice snack tomorrow ;-) Anyway, great place. Crowded as hell on a Saturday though. I picked up my order and had to squeeze through a huge crowd of dancing, partying 20-somethings to get to the pickup counter. Not the worst thing in the World to have to do, I guess


This post is making me so hungry! I am just passing through and have not been there yet but I sure will before I move on...thanks for the tip.

restaurants in Destin

Nothing beats the experience of eating spicy wings at a bar while watching your favorite team play and cheering them on! My wife and I are huge soccer and NFL fans, and we go at bars near our place to watch sports, since it's better that way.

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