November 12, 2008



Looks good man! Hard to find a good cheesesteak in San Diego! I'll try this ASAP!


that's a good looking cheese steak! i will have to head over there for a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich sometime.


This is awesome! I was able to go to Philly last year and try a cheesesteak at Pat's, and have been craving for one around the area ever since. Although I don't live in San Diego anymore, this is definitely something for me to note. I was wondering the same thing when you wrote Jersey style cheese steaks, and these look delicious. The pork roll looks great too...I've never heard of it before, and will have to try that as well, next time I head back down to sd, sometime next month. Glad to hear all is well!


SWEET. Nice find, Capt. Jack! I'll put my diet on hold for this. :D


hi there cj! nice post and great pictures! looks like me and bert will be heading there soon!


Welcome back CJ - we missed ya'. What is the rib eye marinated in? Very interesting...I'm kinda wandering how Solunto's roll compares to the classic Amoroso roll as well. I had the pleasure of being dropped on E Passyunk on a trip to Philly back in the mid-nineties.....it was cheese steak heaven. Through I thought Rick's in Reading Terminal made a good one as well.


About eight months ago, Jack graciously replied to my Chowhound thread asking about good eats in PB. He was pretty much dead-on with everything. I hit that Von's a couple times a week and didn't even notice that place. Will definitely try it.

Captain Jack

Hey Clafu,
You really should.

Hey Dave,
The family that runs Pop's is very nice.

Hi Sawer,
Pork roll is a strange yet wonderful thing.

Hey Roger,
Yup, definately not diet food :)

Hi CC,
Great to hear from you!

Hi Kirk,
I have been told by Alex's Brown Bag, and Pop's that the Amaroso rolls ship par frozen by necessity, and don't reconstitue the way you would like. But compare for yourself, Olde City uses the Amorosos.

Hey Alan,
Thanks for the kind words. We have some pretty good chow in PB.


Hey CJ!.....gotta try this place, anything wrapped in a Solunto roll has got to be great!!


Man, I love cheesesteaks, but the pork roll is what's making my mouth water. I gotta find one!


Delicious! You had my mouth watering looking at those beauties...i sure love cheese steaks!

Captain Jack

Hey Michael,
Solunto's does bake excellent rolls.

Hi CP,
if you make it down this way you should stop in.

Hi Foodista,
yup, cheesesteaks rule.


Hey Jack,

I had a chance and stopped by there for lunch today. The cheese steak was quite good. Pop wore his long pants today...a bit chilly.

Only 3 concerns...location, location, and location. That is a tough place to survive.


BY FAR the best cheese steak I have had in quite some time! Most places don't do Philly steaks justice but you could transplant Pop's right between Pat's and Gino's and they would do good business. Will be back frequently.


Just tried this earlier. It's great stuff and I'm sure I'll hit this place again for the pork roll.

One word of caution: one sandwich will basically disable you with a food coma.


Yo Jack! When are we going to see a new tasty post? Don't leave us hanging :D


Captain Jack, this looks to be a great place to eat in San Diego. When I am in San Diego again, I will definitely go to this place.

Jollibee Food Corporation

Want to try the beef chip steak.



Yumm, good Philly Cheese steaks in San Diego are def. hard to find. You should write an entry on Burger Lounge, San Diegans have seriously fallen in love with it and there's a new one opening in Little Italy! It'd be cool to read about your take on it...

Craig B

Stay away from this one. I tried this place for 3 days last week. Then I came by to eat and get directions to a local store. When I asked the owner for directions. Which I was very polite and nice. The owner went off on me and started to cuss and scream to the point that I had to leave. I was a good customer and was treated very nasty by the owner. The sons did not even come out and apoligize for what happened. We dont need businesses like this here. What happened to the old saying the customer comes first.


tamica bispham

Jersey Reminder. I love the food it brings back home. I am so glad to know that I found POP's and his sons here in San Digo, to die for on the real. Cheeze Wiz :>)

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