July 31, 2008



Holy smokes the Pearl looks so hip n modern.

Sucks about the sweetbread... I'm a big fan too.

Lookin' forward to your next post, Cpt. Jack!


Hey CJ! I have got to go to this place. I love the offerings. And i love the sweet stuff as well....And nothing say's lovin like pork bellies in the oven.....Sweet!

Captain Jack

Hey Roger,
Good to hear from another member from the legion of thymus.

Hi Michael,
The sweet stuff is the bomb. Classic, lovin' in the oven equals pork fat.


Hey CJ,

Your picture of the hotel is a lot better than mine! WTH?


Sheesh, there I was thinking, "you know, it's really good to see sweetbreads on a menu", and then, "bam"...cost cutting measures.....sad.

Captain Jack

Hi Jim,
don't hate the player, hate the game ;)

Hey Kirk,
I feel your pain brother, it is sad to see menus get dumbed down because customers fail to support the more adventurous offerings. Chef Trey's sweeties were excellent.

Little Miss Contrary

Bummer about the sweetbreads ... They're difficult to find in SD restaurants. Still The Pearl sounds like a new and refreshing dining choice worth trying--and a cool place to hang out :]


This is great info to know.


Dear Captain Jack,
It has been a while since your last post and I hope that everything is all right. While you do not update as much as I'd like(as I love the variety and quality of your posts), your current hiatus has caused me some worry for your well being. Please come back soon. I've also started a food blog, which was inspired by your blog and the many others I read, and hope you will give it a lookover, and tell me what you think/suggestions.

PS: My cousin introduced me to sweetbreads last year at a French restaurant in Washington DC, and I found it to be pretty good. I am rather curious to see how it'd have tasted being cooked with some Maker's Mark.

Captain Jack

Hi sawyer,
Everything is fine here, I have just been very busy. I have a new post that should be up soon, so please check back. Thank you for your kind comments and interest.

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Nice article. I want to visit this hotel at least once.


Goodness, I love sweetbreads and will order them wherever I can get them. I'm sorry to hear they got taken off this menu.
But I think I'll check out the Pearl soon.


Man the food looks yummy and the presentation is great! It's time to go and check in!

Captain Jack

I really like the Pearl. I hope you have a good experience. Summer is a great time of year to have dinner outside by the pool.

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Wow, great renovation. The hotel really looked new. The food is mouth watering.

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what a nice hotel, they treat like a king for a cheap price.

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This is a perfect place to spend your night. The food looks great and delicious. The bar looks small yet decent. with great furniture. It's just good to stay away from home and give yourself time to enjoy.

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