May 08, 2008



Hey CJ - Looks great - nice to have you posting on regular basis again.


maple leaf duck breast looks amazing. Same as the pot foie.


Looks like a great, decadent meal. I'm a sucker for foie gras too.

I hope you keep posting more, Captain Jack!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Thank You very much.

Hi clayfu,
The duck breast was excellent, as was the pot au feu.

Hi howie,
it was a decadent meal indeed. I am glad to hear you like foie gras as well. It remains to be seen if the PETA haters will flame the comments section like they did when I reviewed Stingaree. They amuse me with their disgust.


Looks like a wonderful meal! Love foie gras and the The pot au feu is something I have got to try as well as the beet soup.

Captain Jack

Hi Carol,
Chef Verpiand did an outstanding job with his May menu. Thanks for stopping by.


Heh you and foie gras...I feel the same. If a restaurant has it, I'll order it!

Great review as usual.

Captain Jack

Hey Roger,
Thank you, I know...I am extremely fond of foie.


Can anyone remember the name of the restaurant that was on the corner of Garnet and whatever PCH is called in Pacific Beach? It was a great place for breakfast and also had wonderful baked goods for sale. Always crowded on weekend mornings, but was open for lunch and added dinner, too. It closed about 10 years ago, maybe longer ago than that.

Captain Jack

Hi Patti,
I believe you are remembering The Spice Rack which was on the corner of Grand and Mission, not Garnet and Mission. I used to eat breakfast there while attending UCSD. I loved their machaca omelet.



Hey Jack!

WTH, you are posting like a madman! Nana told me to say hello...chrispy duck, oh yes!

Captain Jack

Hey Jim,
Yum, crispy duck sounds good right now. I may have to eat some this weekend.

ed (from Yuma)

Man, you can eat! That looks wonderfully sinful.

Captain Jack

Hi ed (from Yuma),
its a tough job but someone has to do it :)


hi CJ
I've never had foie gras but I'm willing to give it a try. i'm sure it's a far cry from the "potted liver" my mom used to put in my childhood sandwiches. : )

Captain Jack

Hey CC,
good to hear from you :) We should get a few people together (you, me, kirk etc.) and order a whole foie gras from Hudson Valley farms. We could have a foie feast! It really is not that hard to prepare. What is a little cholesterol among friends?


hi jack!
that would be great!

Sea Bass

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The Spice Rack was the best ever!!! Had the best hollandaise. Eggs Sardou to die for!!!!!!!!! A profound bummer that they closed :(

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