March 29, 2008



Glad to see you back Cpt. Jack! I was getting tired of seeing the Quarter Kitchen post :P

Thanks for the heads up on the pub. I gotta take some friends here.

Also...your ability to tuck away dish after dish will never cease to amaze me.


Nice to have you back!

That looks interesting! Is there going to finally be a restaurant in North park that I'll like!??! (You're one of the few people out there that i will agree with taste wise)


That post was like a cooling drink of water after a long journey through a desert. Good to have you back.

Captain Jack

Hi Roger,
Heh heh, "tuck away," I like that. I guess that is my trademark ;)

Hey clayfu,
you have to love a restaurant that takes the time to make their own ketchup. I believe you will like it, and thanks for your vote of confidence.

Hi CP,
Thank you, and stay tuned, I have some rather unique content coming soon.


Alice Q. Robertson

Yay you're back! I am really looking forward to trying this place - I made ketchup for a bbq last summer and it was great - pretty easy too. I also made the mustard. I haven't tangled with mayo yet.

Captain Jack

Hey Alice Q.
I am just the opposite, I have made mayo many times but I have not made ketchup or mustard.


Glad to see that you're back. Look forward to reading your new reviews.

Captain Jack

Hi Liz,
thanks for stopping by.


Hi Captain Jack! Great visit to RT... if you like beer + ice cream, definitely try the Stone Porter Shake. The ketchup wasn't very good when I went (overpowering onion flavor), but from all the excellent reviews, I'll have to go back and try it again.


Looks like a great place! Glad to see you are back!

Captain Jack

Hey Moowiesgrd,
I found the ketchup to be much to my liking (I also love the onion flavor in any ketchup and have been known to add more to store bought). I wanted to try the shake but I just plain ran out of room in my stomach (I know, gasp, say it isn't so). I'll make sure to save room next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Scott,
Thanks,it's good to be back.


I just came across your blog and had to bookmark it. I just love how eclectic most of your selections are and the visual appeal of the pictures. Your love for food is evident and it is truly inspiring to read your reviews.

Captain Jack

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you enjoy the site.


So you wait until I'm out of the country to do another post???? Well, I guess I won't be checking on milk cartons for you anymore! Welcome back!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Thanks, and yes you can stop drinking all that milk on my account ;).


Yahooo!!!..........glad you are back in action!
Great job. Iam looking forward to continue my culinary adventure come May.
Always a pleasure to read your reviews.


Captain Jack

Thank you for the kind words Michael.

Little Miss Contrary

I don't know if I ever said it, but a belated welcome back--I have missed your culinary insights dearly! Anyway, Ritual Tavern definitely looks like the next place to try on my list.

Captain Jack


Thank you so much. I really like Ritual, and cerainly think you should give it a try.


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Captain Jack,
You have a way of making everything sound delicious. I have eaten at this tavern, I agree the fresh ingredients really set this establishment apart from others.
Your fans,
Antoinette & Carl

Captain Jack

Hi Antoinette & Carl,
I really enjoy restaurants that embrace the "scratch made" concept. Thanks for stopping by!


Racer 5 is my favorite! Glad I found you, always like reading SD restaurant reviews!

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