October 04, 2007



thanks for posting - keep it up!


What a fantastic dinner! Seems to be creative yet still very accessible! Great review!!


Sounds great Jack! Looking forward to giving it a try!


Another restaurant blow-out courtesy of CJ. I'm with you on the Kobe-style beef....raw is probably as good as it gets!

Captain Jack

Hi k,
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Alexander,
Thank you very much. It was a great meal.
Hey Gil,
You should, it is an incredible restaurant, I'm sure you will like it.
Hey Kirk,
raw is good when it comes to the best beef. You should give Urasawa San a call and see if he will procure some for us ;)


One of the owner's of the group that owns the IVY's daughter is a hottie haha.

Also if you ever find yourself without a dining partner CJ, give me a holler ;)

the veal looks delicious btw!


Holy cow! That's a beautiful looking piece of kobe. In fact, the whole menu looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for the writeup.

Captain Jack

Hey clayfu,
The veal chop was excellent, a beautiful cut cooked to perfection.

Hi howie,
You are very welcome. Quarter Kitchen has a great menu.


WOW!! I just crave your writing. Almost like being there. Excellent,another excellent job by the master.

Captain Jack

Hi Michael,
Thank you very much for your kind words.


Woot! Way to work it, playah! Those are some hotties. Now go get me pics of those girls in the cat suits.


Where've you been man? Hope everything's ok!


Just started seeing a bunch of stuff about this place recently.


I'm with Alice...where are you?
Quarter at the Ivy is my fave. Love it! Deserts are the best!
Looking forward to more reviews in 2008!?!?

Little Miss Contrary

Where in the world is Captain Jack?! Hope your new year is off to a good start and that all is well. We miss you!

Captain Jack

Hi Alice Q, Christian, MO7, and LMC. Thank you all for thinking about me. All is well, and I intend to start posting reviews again shortly.


Are going to keep writing? I am very anxious to read more from your trips to the restaurants. Thanks

Captain Jack

Hi Tunca,
Yes I am. New content is forthcoming.


I was getting light headed from reading and looking at all these beautiful pictures. This is on the list for the next wedding anniversary dinner!

Captain Jack

Hi Carol,
I think QK is a fine choice for your aniversary dinner. It is quite an indulgent restaurant. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Hannah J

This place looks like a dream come true... Also, I really like reading your blog!

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