August 09, 2007



whoah. amoroso rolls flown in? i am so there. the pics look great.


I had the phone in my hand and dialed 91 and waited to see if I had to press the other 1, cuz I thought I wuz gonna have a coronary reading your review. Excellent!...I have to go to this place. Love a good cheesesteak!

Captain Jack

Hi Dave,
Thank You. I have to admit, there is something about those rolls.

Hey Michael,
Too funny, glad you made it through.


I'm going there tomorrow.
Hope I survive. I'm anxious to try the Kobe beef and to see why the rolls are so highly regarded.
I can't wait.

Captain Jack

Hi koko,
Thanks for the love on Chowhound and in kokoscorner. I am glad you had a good time down in my neck of the woods.

matt feeney

Alex's brown bag still has the best philly in san diego!

Scott J.

Yum - my mouth is watering.

Captain Jack

Hey Scott, I know what you mean. Just looking at a good cheesesteak can make me salivate like Pavlov's dogs.


i went to the old city grill the other night and the cheese steak's and service was the best...keep up the good work...also a good spot for first dates!

Captain Jack

Hey Matt,
I love Alex's Brown Bag as well. ABB and OCG offer two very different styles of cheesesteak, and trying both provides for a good opportunity to compare and contrast.

Captain Jack

Thanks Bob,
I am glad you enjoyed Olde City Grill.

jerome astolfi

I stopped by today for a cheesesteal sandwich. I had the classic with onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms. It was delicious ! It is now on my list of places to go in PB...

Captain Jack

Hey Jerome,
mmm, sounds like a great combination. I am glad you found a new place in PB to add to your rotation.


Just turned on to your site, by someone letting me know there was a new cheesesteak in town. And REAL Italian ice? Be still my heart.
Looks and sounds De-Lish!
Count me in on both that beast of a hoagie and your site. I'll certainly be back to see what else you're chowing down. I envy you Captain!


Thanks for the info on this. Went last night and was blown away. I could eat here 3 times a week. Ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich and the chicken was perfectly cooked I was amazed!

Big Jim

Olde City is bomb, love thier pizza, and how about that Red Star sauce?!?! stuff is unbelievable, i bought a bottle and use it on everything!!

Captain Jack

Hey jturtle,
You are very welcome, I am glad you enjoyed the buffalo chicken sandwich. I will have to give it a try.

Hi Big Jim,
I had the BBQ chicken wings with the Red Star there 2 nights ago and they were fabulous. Thanks for stopping by the site.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! The BBQ sauce is the best on everything, the wings, pizza, philly steaks... cant lose! The service is top notch and Jack the Manager is the best!!!

Felicia Andreotta

Kenny Casciato, so this is where you ended up. I was just in San Diego in July. What I would have given for a REAL Cheesesteak!!


Fellas - good and tasty, but not sure about great. Lets ease on the hefty use of superlatives amid reviews - its challenges your basis of a local philly cat. Perhaps you are alway rooting for the Lakers and cheers for the Cowboys on sunday. Any purist would not be too fond of the kobe beef style + the ridculous price premium ($8.75!!). Is this the Philly Ritz-Carleton?

Please price it more appropriately at $6.95, but from a religious perspective i have an issue with cheesesteaks priced north of $6.

Kudos on shipping in the amorosa bread, but that is a prerequsite in my mind and par for the course for any external cheesesteak shop.


Great review.

Olde City Grill is right around the corner from my work. There are tons of places to eat in PB, but yet I still find myself eating at Olde City Grill about every other day.

Captain Jack

Thanks for stopping by the site and contributing.

I am glad you are enjoying OCG, thanks for stopping by.


We are from Philly and we can vouch that these are some of the best sandwiches that we have had. A great cheesesteak is an art and Old City Grille have mastered it. Can't wait to try a hoagie.

Bravo, we will be back.

Joe the Dog Lover

The cheesesteak does look good and better than what you get in the suburbs.

poison ivy

The best cheesesteaks and salads west of philadelphia.

Daria Fallings

Those photos made me hungry!

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