August 25, 2007



I think the same developer has started high rise construction in Irvine. Here's to hoping good eats like these follow.


Interesting choice of a Cali Pinot Noir to pair with a Mushroom dish..
wonder what inspired that.. i expected a nice burgundy.

How is their wine selection there?


Jack you are the Hemingway of foodie writers. Nice story and pics. And any place that still has foie gras on he menu is a Place I have to try. As I am addicted to that stuff as well!


Hey CJ - Sooo good you went back for more, huh?

Captain Jack

Hey CP,
I hope they do too!

Hi clayfu,
GM Nick Carbonne handles the wine pairings for Avenue 5. I am sure he would be happy to explain his logic to you. As far as the second part of your question, that is rather subjective. I liked it a lot, but you should swing by and check it out for yourself.

Hey Michael,
You are too kind. The foie gras was excellent, you surely should give A5 a try.

I had a hunch the full menu was going to be good after sampling the small bites at the preview. A5 did not disappoint


Hi CJ,
What a marvelous post with great photos of the dishes! Looks like a nice place to go for a special occasion. That steak and onion ring especially looks tempting.

Captain Jack

Hi canine,
Thank you so much. The New York steak was excellent, I think you would really like it.


Great blog you got here! I've only recently begun exploring San Diego and you've provided some real winners.

Keep 'em coming, Captain! I'm looking forward to the next post.

+ a salute to a fellow UCSD alum.

Alice Q. Foodie

Sounds like a great meal - that halibut looks spectacular. You and Gil must be on the same wavelength! :-)

Captain Jack

Hi Roger,
Thank you very much and thanks for stopping by.

Hi Alice Q.,
It really was an excellent meal.
Cheers All

bill hanson

after receiving the "Happy Hour" menu at the table from the woman seating people and giving our order to the waiter from the "Happy Hour" menu while sitting at the table and holding it our hands...we were charged the regular (huge) prices...when protesting to the manager, his comment was that we couldn't have ordered from that menu because that is only for people sitting at the bar ! Perhaps he should so inform his staff so they can inform the customers. He adamently insisted we pay the full price which we did only because we were trying to get to a theater performance.
He said as we left, "Thanks for being so understanding. Next time you come, be sure to see me and I'll do something nice for you." I hope he is holding his breath. What an example of how not to run a restaurant and improve customer relations.


What wonderful photos. I've been fiddling with my own camera and I can't seem to capture photos that look nearly as great as what I'm looking at and eventually eatting. Any suggestions?

Captain Jack

Hey Liz,
Thank You for your kind words. Hang in there, practice makes perfect.

mma clothing

This place looks amazing!

Alan Cohen

This was the worst restaurant experience of my life. When we arrived, a waitress asked if we wanted to sit near the bar or in the back area. We said the back and followed her. The Maitre D (Nick) had menus in his hand and I asked him which table we were to get. He said “you don’t have a reservation and you don’t get a table.” The place was about 90% empty and remained that way for the entire evening.

He seated us at a table in front of the window, my guess to make the place look busier that it was.

Upon leaving I told him that were unhappy with his attitude and to watch for my review online.

He followed us into the street yelling at us. I said we won’t be back and he then said “I won’t allow any of you in this restaurant!”

While the food and décor were very nice, there are other restaurants in Bankers’ Hill who know how to treat customers.

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