May 25, 2007



Hey CJ,

The wife and I really like this place. I like the drunken noodles and the wife likes the green curry. The crab Rangoon is also quite tasty!

Little Miss Contrary

Looks like I would have to try Cafe Yen soon! I went by Limonz yesterday and everything was decent. The food was tasty but mostly cold; the place has the potential to be fantastic as soon as it receives more traffic.

Captain Jack

Hey Jim,
I thought about the drunken noodles when I was perusing the menu. I will give them a try on my next visit. Thanks for the rec's

That is too bad that your food was cold at Limonz. I know what you mean about lack of foot traffic there. I don't really understand why they don't do more business. It is not the location. Zanzibar Coffee House next door is always packed as is Tokyo house on the other side. Maybe people just don't get what they are doing. I hope that changes.


hi there! looks like i'll have to try this place with my husband. i like the fact that they use quality ingredients and don't dumb down their recipes.

Captain Jack

Hi CC,
Fish sauce and galangal are wonderful things! If you order the Tom Ka, you might want to ask for additional heat, like I do. Thanks for stopping by.


I'm not a fan of pan Asian restaurants, but this one looks like it knows what it's doing. There's one near my work that I need to try as well.

Captain Jack

Hey CP,
I agree with you about pan Asian restaurants in general. I was pleasanty suprised by Kafe Yen.


Hey, thanks for the review of Cafe Yen. I was looking for places to meet some friends in PB this weekend. This sounds like just the place! As a Thai fanatic, I'll love it. And you're right -- so many Thai places here skip the key ingredients. Thanks for letting us know that Yen doesn't! :)

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