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January 29, 2007



We were there just before Christmas and thought the same thing. This is one of those restaurants that is a gem in our options and we should think of it more often when looking for upscale places to go. It is truly one of the best restaurants in town.


Captain Jack

Hey Gil,

Chef Bernard Guillas is the difference maker. We are lucky he likes it here in San Diego. Thanks for stopping by.


Hey CJ - Just how many restaurants did you hit during RW?

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,

Heh heh, you know if I had not waited so long to make reservations I would have gone twice more. Thee Bungalow was booked and The Dining Room at Jack's only had 6pm, way too early for me (except for special occasions like Urasawa);)


Still drooling over the bisque. Looks soooo gooood.

Captain Jack

Hey CP,

I just love bisques. They are so rich, and creamy.


That's one fancy looking creme brulee!

Captain Jack

Hi Liz,

You know when I first saw it, I thought there might be too much extra stuff. It all worked together really well though.

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