January 11, 2007



Excellent, descriptive review, Jack. Great photographs and imagery. Oh I wish we had made reservations for RW..but alas, The Mister and I have been kind of busy...;)

Captain Jack

Thank you Cathy, I am glad you enjoyed it. I am sure all your great posts are keeping you very busy. Say hi to The Mister for me.


What a glorious feast. Where is 1500 Ocean? I might be in SD in March for a conference, and I'm tempted to hit it up.

- Chubbypanda

Alice Q. Foodie

I like that - the intrepid Alice Q. Foodie! I am so glad you did this because I don't have time to post about this before we go out of town this weekend, and you photographed just about everything we ate! (except for the hamachi) - we even had the foie gras. I do wish someone at the table had tried the gnudi though!

Captain Jack

Hi CP,
1500 Ocean is in the Hotel Del Coronado. If you need a hotel, it is a fun place to stay as well.

Hi Alice Q,
I hope your meal was as good as mine. You deserve it after your "home style cooking ..er.. shit anyone can make in their own kitchen" experience at A.R. Valentien. I hope we caused those bastards some collateral damage between the two of us. It pisses me off just to think about what they pulled, and I was not even there. Good for you for calling them out intrepid one.


Your meal looks great! Haha... I'm regretting not making reservations for Restaurant Week now.

Captain Jack

Hey Liz,
What a pleasant surprise 1500 Ocean turned out to be. It really was a great meal.


Thanks for letting me eat vicariously through you! I made spinach gnudi recently - were 1500's more like poached dumplings or ravioli?

Captain Jack

Hi Candice,
It is my pleasure. 1500's were more like poached dumplings. I am impressed that you are making them yourself. I figured they would be somewhat difficult. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi there - would you mind if we use your photo (above) for a short article on gnudi in our regional restaurant industry pub?

Captain Jack

Hi foodbizmag folks,

Be my guest. How about a link so we can check out your regional restaurant industry pub?



Hey Jack,

Did you ever find out who the foodbizmag folks were???

And why do they want your picture?

Captain Jack

Hey Jim,

No clue, I never heard back from them. When I googled foodbizmag there were no matches. I have their e-mail address, so I could contact them that way. If I do, I will let you know if they respond.


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