November 02, 2006



I think noshing is too mild a term for what what we'll be doing at "Langer's"......


I cannot wait to see your next review as I have been to both. It is cool for me to revisit in my mind!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Hmmm, how about "Push the limits of gluttony"?

Hi Birdie,
I am glad the review brings back good memories for you. Thanks for stopping by.


Hey Jack,

After seeing your first post on NY, I can now understand the need for the oyster diet prior to leaving!


Yum! What a great report - more NY reports on the way?

Captain Jack

Hey Jim,
Yup, Yup, see what I was in for?

Thanks Scott,
It is always nice to receive compliments from a fellow food blogger. I do have a couple more NYC reports.

Alice Q. Foodie

Did you say Per Se? My ears are perked!


I dream about the Pastrami's at Katz's. Everytime I'm in NYC that is a must have. There is nothing like it.


Panda likey pastrami.

That's a truly gorgeous sandwich. Not a shred of fat to be seen in the pastrami, yet you describe it as moist and flavorful. Maybe someday...

- Chubbypanda

Captain Jack

Hi Christina,
It is definitely on my permanent rotation.

Hey CP,
If you like pastrami, you gotta make it to Katz's.


Great review of Katz's! The hot dogs and knishes are great there as well.

The most impressive thing there was the sign up stating that Bill Clinton ate a whole sandwich, fries, potato salad, a hot dog, ginger ale and coffee. An extremely impressive amount of food - even if he did get the turkey!

An added benefit there is that I have found all the counter guys to be gruff at best. The last time I was there, the hot dog guy graphically described what he would do to a co-workers wife and wondered how such an ugly guy married a such a hot woman. (language cleaned up for publication). All in all- perfect NY service!

Captain Jack

Hi James,
I guess ol' Billy Boy can really eat. I am not so sure about his ordering prowess however, turkey? You are right, the counter guys definately give Katz's a gruff, New York Vibe. I am glad you liked the review.


Hey Capt Jack,
I went to NYC for the first time in 2004 and I had a stop at Katz's not knowing I was at the Mecca of pastrami. You described it perfectly! I dream about that sandwich. I stumbled onto a pizza place too where I had the best pizza of my life but I was on such a food high I forgot to get the name of the place. Have fun with KirkK in LA. I am jealous and cannot wait for those reviews. Love your blog!

Captain Jack

Hey FF
Thank you for the kind words. So you dream about Katz'z pastami huh? Hey it makes perfect sence to me. LA with Kirk will be a blast. We are staying in little Tokyo, god only knows what he will have me eating!


Capt Jack, I cannot wait to hear about you, Kirk and LA!


I see I already said the same thing about your trip to LA--must have been zoning on the pastrami dream!

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