October 05, 2006



Hi Captain Jack! It is just the right time of year to venture into Thai restaurants, isn't it? Your review is great, love the photos. I may have to linger in PB on this next Football Saturday. -C


Thai food! I tend to be dissappointed with Thai in SD. I usually like to head up to the OC for Thai as it seems a bit more homier and about the food up there. I'll definitely have to try out this place.


As a Northerner, I consider the heat of SoCal's summer and autumn to be perfect for Thai food. Those selections look absolutely scrumptious. I've got to try some Thai food soon.

- CP

Joseph E

Thanks for the review. Along with Cathy's review of Thai Basil at http:mmm-yoso.typepad.com this week, this is the best news for Thai in San Diego in a long time. I think we'll be making the drive down to the beach soon; all those dishes sound authentic or at least very interesting.


The avocado curry looks really rich. I think I have to go try some for myself!

Captain Jack

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for the love, Big Blue did well yesterday.

Hey Liz,
Thai Village is definately homey, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Hi CP,
You are right, it is that Thai time of year, isn't it.

Hi Joseph,
I know, Cathy and I both did Thai this week, guess it is the time of year like CP said. I am pretty sure that they don't use alot of haas avocados in Thailand, but good food is also based on regional availability and California avocados rock.

Hey Nguyen,
It was very rich indeed, and I must say, I think Nana is on to something with this dish. She has blended traditional Thai with one of California's great assets.


Mmmm...crispy duck! Going back next weekend for more!


hey, awesome pictures and great site, keep it up, i enjoy reading it

Captain Jack

Hi Cristine,
Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you stopping by.

Captain Jack

Hi Jim,
Ok, that makes me jealous. Say hi to Nana for me.


Hey Jack,

Nana said hello. As for the crispy duck...poor thing didn't stand a chance!

Little  Miss

I am actually from Thailand and have been looking for a good Thai place to go to aside from the regulars in Hillcrest. I went to Thai Village this past weekend and felt like I was a bit closer to home ... So, thank you for the review!

Captain Jack

Hi Little Miss,
sorry it took so long to reply but I was in New York all week. I am so glad you enjoyed Thai Village. Being that you are from Thailand, I hold your opinion in high esteem.

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