October 18, 2006



Hi, Jack- Good to see you got the message about oyster shooters....I now have a new craving and will try out BPC soon.


Hi Cap'n Jack!

My mouth is watering again. After your last two oyster posts, I made the mistake of ordering oysters at a place near John Wayne Airport called "Ten Asian Bistro". Don't ask me how I ended up there. Don' wanna talk about it.

The oysters were pitiful, which means my cravings have only gotten worse.

You're killing me here! =)

- Chubbypanda


My goodness Jack!

Only 2 dozen oysters and 1 shrimp cocktail...what, were you just snacking that night???


Hey Capt Jack - Still on your diet I see....LOL!


Scallops! I love scallops... I wish I had some right now. Wow I never knew you loved oysters so much.

Alice Q. Foodie

Hey, oysters are low carb, right?? :-) I know it's a "dreaded Cohn restaurant," but I have never had a bad meal at this place. That shrimp cocktail looks killer!

Captain Jack

Hey all,
Just got back last night from my annual New York City food trip.

Hi Cathy,
Let me know what you think of the shooters when you go.

Hey CP,
there are very few things that are worse than bad oysters. I have had good fortune of late (knock on wood).

Hey Jim,
I was trying to cut some more weight before NYC. I call it "The Captain's Oyster Diet". Think it will sell?

Hey Kirk,
19 pounds in 14 days, not bad huh? It gave me some wiggle room in New York.

Hi Nguyen,
I do love 'em, but it was a weight loss thing too. I was not going to lose much weight chugging lobster bisque.

Hi Alice Q,
see, you get it, low carb, low fat. The shrimp were awfully good.


Sooooo-What did you eat on your Autumn vacation?


Hey Jack!

Welcome home! Maybe if you change the name from the "The Captain's Oyster Diet” to “The Captain's Oyster Shooters Diet”, then I think you will bankrupt Weight Watchers!


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