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Hard Core Foodie and Restaurant Fiend


At orientation at UC San Diego my suitmates nicknamed me "Captain Jack" for organizing a dormwide underage drinking party. Hey, I was 18, it just stuck. (The party did rock).

I love to eat.

Great restaurants really do it for me.

I love to cook.

I am a big guy, 6'5", 250lbs.

I can and do eat alot.

My home is in Pacific beach, a couple of blocks from the boardwalk.

My favorite Food Network shows are Essence of Emeril, Malto Mario, Good Eats and Food 911.

Rachel Ray gets on my nerves.

My two favorite San Diego restaurants are Jean Michel Diot's Tapenade and Philippe Verpiand's Cavaillon.

Having earned my MBA from USC, I am a Trojan for life, and will bleed cardinal forever.

I dig all kinds of music but my fave is guitar based rock.

I play guitar but I suck.

My photograph was taken at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Travel for me is at least 50% about the food.

I NEVER pass on the cheese cart.


travel, restaurants, all sports, cooking, my corvette and of course, my harley davidson