April 13, 2007



Hey CJ - I love the prices at Limonz, very reasonable for PB. Seems that I enjoy all the "sides" more than the chicken and stuff.

Little Miss Contrary

You've got me salivating right now! I always frequent Mama Testa for my taco fix, but I am definitely going to Limonz per your review!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Limonz seems like a good value to me as well. I always order a ton of food and I can't seem to break the $20 barrier.

I love Mama Testa too. The tacos at Limonz are quite different from MT's, but are delicious in their own right.

Alice Q. Foodie

That looks fantastic - I wish I lived closer! Maybe sometime I can swing by there for a takeout meal on my way home from La Jolla sometime. I travel up there for after work yoga classes occasionally.

Alice Q. Foodie

Sometime I can swing by there sometime? Sheesh - I should edit better!

Captain Jack

No worries Alice, it's not like you can edit your comments. If you know in advance, let me know when you are coming down, and I will meet you at Limonz, and introduce you to the owners.


Hi CJ. Thanks for the comments. I loved your review. Something worth mentioning - we have a customer, Dr. John, who comes in at least 4 times a week, and has lost over 60 pounds of overweight!!! Isn't this amazing? Talk about healthy-fresh mexican food. How many mexican eateries can claim something similar? Thanks again.

Captain Jack

Hi Juan,
I love it, Limonz Rostizados weight loss program. Eat great tasting food and loose weight. That works for me.

Dr. John

Hi, it's 'Dr. John'
(Call me Jonathan :^)
It's true that since late January '07 I've lost over 60 lbs by simply increasing my daily activities and watching what I eat. Limonz has become my 'Cheers' respite, and I go there at least 4 times/week. Their roasted chicken breast with black beans and fajita vegetables (served on a massive salad 'a la Nick') and accompanied by their proprietary hot sauces (deLICIOUS!!) comes in at just 600 calories!! And mostly protein and fiber!! Compare that to Chipoodle's chicken burrito, which with typical fixings weighs in at a massive 1,500 calories!! And Limonz ALWAYS gets it right. So head on in, say high to Bobby and Juan (don't forget to also greet Mario, Nick, Jared, and newcomer Josh). Who knows, you very well may meet the Doctor (don't say I didn't warn you!!)

Captain Jack

Hey Doc,
That salad sure sounds good. I might have to give it a try. Thanks for stopping by.


I this a chain? It's got some corporate elements to it, but I've never heard of it before. Either way, it has the Cap'n Jack stamp of approval, so it must be good.

Captain Jack

Hi CP,

I know what you mean about the corporate look. From what I can tell though, it is a one of a kind stand alone.

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It looks as though this restaurant has undergone a few changes in menu choices over the last year or so. All I can tell you about is the most current one. They serve the most awesome salads and hot plates I've ever tasted. Whoever came up with the recipes is a wonderful chef for sure. I've tried all the salads and they are wonderfully innovative with delicious dressings. But if you want a little slice of sher heave, try the salmon/couscous "salad". It's the most yummy combination of tastes. This new place is truly a yet-undiscovered gem in PB. Try it, you won't be disappointed!!

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