September 21, 2006



What only 18 oysters??? You're turning into a real lightweight! LOL! You described the Fanny Bays perfectly...slightly rusty-metallic with minor cucumber tones.

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
What can I say, I am trying to lose a couple of pounds before my New York trip ;)


Hey Jack, I’m not a fan of oysters, but those potato dishes looked great. Which dish was better?


Great post, great blog....and great name! We have never eaten at the bar at Oceanaire but have been frequent diners over the past couple of years. There was a point where we were eating there every other week!

Eating at the oyster bar sounds like a great dinner before a Padres game. We always order the hash browns ala Oceanaire. They are the great for dinner but even better the next morning for breakfast with a couple of eggs over easy.

Captain Jack

Hi Jim,
Both potato dishes were very good, but when my personal preference for cheese and cream kicks in, I would have to go with the au gratin.

Hi Jack,
I did indeed finish my leftover hash browns while watching Headline News at 6:30am. Next time I will add the eggs per your recomendation. Thanks for the compliments.

Alice Q. Foodie

I just finished reading A Moveable Feast, and I think you and Ernest Hemingway would have gotten along well! :-) I like their oyster bar too, but don't get too many chances to eat there (only once so far!) What you had looks great!

Captain Jack

Hi Alice Q,

I am sure it would have been quite interesting to through back a few with ole EH, and then have a feast.


I never heard of that rule before, but I will definitely keep it in mind next time i eat oysters. Only Months with R's!

Captain Jack

Hey Nguyen,

I know, cool rule huh?

Great job with your blog.



Sir, you are a food ordering master. I bow before your awesomeness.

I am *definitely* getting me some of that Oceanaire goodness.

- Chubbypanda

Captain Jack

Hi CP,
Thanks for the compliment. My modo is go big, or don't go at all. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi captain.Hubby& I will be visiting san diego 12/18-12/22.We would like to try the absolute best food in following categories:seafood,steakhouse,perhaps pacific rim,fusion.tia for your recommendations.

Captain Jack

Hi Adeline,

Thanks for stopping by.

Steakhouse: Donovan's, near UTC, don't miss the baby rack of lamb appetizer.

Seafood: Oceanaire.

Seafood with amazing view, Marine Room, La Jolla.

Pacific Rim: Ropongi, La Jolla, half price appetizers during happy hour.

My two favorite restaurants in San Diego are Tapenade and The Dining Room at Jack's, both in La Jolla. I reviewed Jack's a wile back, it is in my archives.


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They are the great for dinner but even better the next morning for breakfast with a couple of eggs over easy.

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